Project  STAR


With a view to providing quick services and ensuring transparency by suitably harnessing IT enabled operations in Registration Department, it was proposed to computerize all the 575+3 Sub Registrar Offices and 50 District Registrar Offices in a phased manner. As of now all offices have been computerized. To facilitate faster processing of applications submitted by the public, the Registration department has embarked upon the Project "STAR" (Simplified and Transparent Administration of Registration), an IT enabled service. 

What is Project "STAR"?
STAR stands for Simplified and Transparent Administration of Registration 
It is a Comprehensive IT Package for all the needs of the Registration 
STAR Represents a Paradigm shift from IT looking for a problem Domain to the Domain Needs looking for a IT Solution 



  • Quick and Transparent Service.

  • Simplified Process. 

  • Elimination of middlemen

  • Pleasant Experience.

"STAR" Project 



            Administration of 


'STAR'- software

The application software for project STAR was designed and developed by our Development cell members and National Informatics Center.
It is being upgraded on continuous basis by adding a few special features; each version comes with improved retrieval speed and reduced processing time of applications
At present STAR Version 6.7 is operational.
A development cell in the office of IGR keeps track of all new initiatives.
All the resource persons are encouraged to come out with initiatives, and after approval by development cell, such initiatives are incorporated in STAR.

The salient features of the computerized operations include 

  • Archival of Documents -by scanning and storing on Compact Disc. 
  • Issue of encumbrance certificates
  • Issue of certified copies of documents already scanned
  • Registration of marriages/societies/firms/monitoring chits
  • Guideline values and any information relating to registration - on the website - -    

With introduction of IT enabled operations, the Registration Department has remarkably improved its service levels by many folds.  


Prior to Computerisation

After Computerisation

Issue of EC

8 Days

5 Minutes

Property Valuation

30 Minutes

5 Minutes

Certified Copies

4 Days

5 Minutes


4 Days

60 Minutes

Issue of Marriage Certificate

1 Day

15 Minutes


REGiNET is a step towards harnessing the power of IT and Communication technologies by establishing a dedicated network. As a result of the power of network connectivity through i-Transfer (a Communication Tool), the data available in all these offices become shareable and information about EC of any property can be accessed from other locations. This enables the registrants to approach the nearest Sub Registrar Office and avail the services.

The exclusive "REGiNET" Centre provides the following services:
i. Issue of Encumbrance Certificates of any property located in the Chennai City.
ii. Property Valuation Statement for any property in Chennai
iii. Statewide information on Guideline Values
iv. Issue of certified copies of documents already scanned
v. Draft deeds, to facilitate registrants to make their own deeds
vi. Sample forms relating to registration of document, societies, firms and chits.

A facility for online submission of application for Encumbrance Certificate has also been introduced. The information submitted by the applicants is processed at the Service Centre and the Encumbrance Certificate is kept ready. The applicants can either collect in person directly by paying required fee or get it delivered at the doorsteps through courier service on collection of fee and delivery charges.
Details regarding the Societies Registered and their status could be ascertained by a click. Public can access the Chit details and can ensure that the Chit they propose to join is a registered one.

An exclusive website is introduced towards ensuring transparency in the registration 
process, particularly the posting of guideline values for all the areas. Besides general information, the website also provides details about registration process and public utility forms and model draft documents as downloads.
Registered societies, Chits and Hindu marriages can be viewed by Public from Department website.

The future plan of Registration department is to extend connectivity across the State, with provision of access to the Revenue records to enable mutations online. 

The website is also proposed to be improved to include many more value added services through web enabled solutions.