Public Utility Forms

S.No TITLE English Tamil


Appln. for Encumbrance Certificate (EC) / Certified Copy(CC)


Annexure 1-A


Appln. for Payment of Deficit Stamp Duty under Sec 41


  Draft Deeds - Simplified Formats 


(i)  Model Format for Sale Deed


(ii) Model Format for Simple Mortgage


(iii) Model Format for Agreement


(iv) Model Format for Lease Deed


(v) Model Format for Power of Attorney


Hindu Marriage 


(i) Appln for Registration  


(ii) Appln for Extract


(iii) Registration Request at private residence  


(iv) Application at private residence


(v)  Declaration at private residence


Special Marriage 


(i) Special Marriage Notice


(ii) Special Marriage Declaration 


 Tamil Nadu Registration of Marriage Act - 2009 


(i) Marriage Registration Form-I 


(ii) Marriage Registration Form-IA


(iii) Marriage Registration Form-II 


(iv) Marriage Registration Form-VII 


Christian Marriage 


Application form for Extract   


Societies Registration 


(i) Societies Registration  Form-I


(ii) Societies Registration Form-II


(iii) Societies Registration Form-VI


(iv) Societies Registration Form-VII


Partnership Firms 


Indian Partnership Act Form


 Draft Deeds - Conventional Formats  


(i) Adoption Deed


(ii) Agreement for Sale 


(iii) Agreement relating to deposit of Title deeds 


(iv) Deed of Undertaking 


(v) Deed of Adoption 


(vi) Deed of Cancellation 


(vii) Deed of Exchange 


(viii) Deed of Indemnity 


(ix) Deed of Lease/Rent 


(x) Deed of Partition 


(xi) Deed of Ratification 


(xii) Deed of Rectification 


(xiii) Deed of Settlement 


(xiv) Deed of Trust 


(xv)General Power of Attorney 


(xvi)Installment Money Bond


(xvii) License Agreement 


(xviii) Partnership Deed 


(xix) Release Deed 


(xx) Sale Deed 


(xxi)Simple Mortgage Deed 


(xxii)Special Power of Attorney 


(xxiii) Will 


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