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Registration of Documents

Before deciding to purchase a property, ascertain the transactions effected in respect of the property proposed to be purchased by getting the encumbrance certificate. Apply online and get EC at door step. Ascertain the value of the property from this site through Guideline value 0page.

  • Applications are available free of cost. You can also download the required form. You can also apply online for EC and get it delivered at your door step.
  • Give full particulars of the property in the application with the required fee.
  • Get legal opinion as to the title of the property and the genuineness of the seller.
E.C. Application Fee Re.1/-
Search Fee for the I year Rs.15/-
Search fee for every additional year Rs. 5/-
Additional Fees For the Computerised Period ie from 1987 Rs.100/-

Urgent EC in Non Computerization Period  

Double the required fee

  • The list of stamp vendors licensed to vend stamps are given in the site/li>
  • They are licensed to sell stamps at the face value
  • If any extra demand is made, he is liable for criminal prosecution under the Act, besides getting his license cancelled.
  • Stamp papers are also sold by The Sub Registrars, Treasuries, and Assistant Superintendent of Stamps, Chennai.
  • Stamp duty may also be paid in cash or D.D.
  • In chennai zone e-stamping has been introduced.
  • Non_Judicial Stamp papers are also available in "Stamp Sales Depot" at the following location


           27,RAJAJI SALAI, CHENNAI 600001 ,

           PHONE : 044-25226547.¬†



  • Executants of the document if they use the model deeds available on the registraion website.
  • ¬†Advocates.
  • ¬†Licensed Document Writers.
  • Chartered Accountants having Document Writing License

Document Writing Fees:

  • Fees for drafting / copying various kinds of deeds by the licensed writers is prescribed by the Government.  
  • Demand receipt for all the fees paid



  • Within FOUR Months from the date of execution
  • The District Registrar may condone delay of four months with fine ¬†
  • No time limit for Wills executed

Sl.No Delay Fine


Upto 1 week

25 % of the registration fee


Upto 1 month

75 % of the registration fee


Upto 4 month

100 % of the  registration fee

This is in addition to the required registration fees


Documents relating to properties situated in Tamil Nadu shall be registered in Tamil Nadu only at the following offices :

In the Sub-Registrar‚Äôs office under its jurisdiction, the property situates  (or)In the District Registrar‚Äôs office of that Registration District.

Registration done out side from the state is null and void.

If you don't know the jurisdiction of registration offices please ascertain is from the site by provided the street name or village name or village name at Field offices detail.



Duty stamped signed and Executed document.

  • By notification issued in the Tamilnadu Government Gazette No.6 dated 14.2.2001,under part II section 2,Registration act,Amendment No.28/2000 has been notified:

    it requires the claimant of the sale Document also to sign in the sale deed and also appear before the registering officer for registration of the sale deed.
  • Patta Transfer application with court fee lable of Re. 7/- duly filled and signed.
  • Form 60\61 Statement in case PAN Number not provided in the document,if the value of property exceeds rs 5/- lakhs.
  • ¬†Required registration fees,computer fees,sub-division fees etc.,Receipts shall be given by the registering officer for all amounts received.
  • Patta Pass Book/10(1) Statement received from Tashildar through computer-for agricultural property in Notified 9 Districts
  • ID card for executant and claimant (for all deeds)
  • ID card for witnesses (for power deed only)
Return of documents :

Same day and workload is heavy then within 3 days

  • If land or building inspection for arriving at the market value of the property is to be carried out.
  • Want of required certificates from the parties.
  • Non-payment of required duty or fee.
  • Want of clarification on the nature of documents.
  • However,in such case also the authorities cannot withhold the registration or return for undue reasons. They have been instructed to finalise the issue within a reasonable time.
  • if heavy registration,then within 3 days.


When ?
  • Value not available in the guideline register for that survey number.
  • Conversion of agricultural land into house site.
  • Sale of agricultural lands below 20 cents.
  • House site suspected and the document bears agricultural value.
  • Sub Registrar will fix the value after inspection.

When ?
  • When value of the building as stated by the parties exceeds Rs.50,000/-(in case of village).
  • When value of the building as stated by the parties exceeds Rs.2,00,000/-(in case f Town panchayat,Municipality,Corporation). ¬†
  • The sub Registrars will inspect the building and asses the value.If any difference in value s found out,the differential duty and a compounding fees will be collected.if not prepared for compounding,criminal prosecution will be instiated.
  • Suppressions of building details in order to evade payment of Stamp Duty¬† may invite¬† criminal proceeding.


  • Anybody can apply for, pay the required fee and produce stamp paper and get certified copy of documents registered like Sale, Exchange, Mortgage etc.
  • Copy of Will registered can be obtained only by the testator. 
  • After his demise, anybody can get copy.
  • Copy of Power of Attorney document registered can be given only to the parties to the document or intended Purchaser 
  • Certified copy will be given on the 3rd day from the day of presentation of stamp paper for the period which is not Computerised.For Computerized period it will be given on the day can be applied online and it will be send by VPP or can be got in person.

Application fees Rs.1/-
Search Fee for 1st year Rs. 10/-

For every addl. year Rs. 5/- 
Through STAR Package Additional Fees Rs.100/-



Wills can be registered in any registration office. No time limit for presentation to register No stamps required. Fees 1% of the value up to a maximum of Rs.500/-

Wills can be kept in a sealed cover and deposited with the District Registrar for safe custody. Person authorised may after the decease of the testator apply for opening the will with the copy of death certificate and get it registered.




¬∑   On application 
¬∑   Before or after office hours 
¬∑   Sick people . 
¬∑   Persons in the jail 
¬∑   Persons exempted from appearance in public place, Court etc., 
¬∑   Ladies exempted from appearance in public place by convention 
Fees: Rs. 200/- plus T.A. and fixed fee are as under:

Officer Minimum Rs. Maximum (Per KM) Rs. Fixed Fee Rs.

District Registrar








If conveyance provided by the party, no TA is levied.
On application in special urgency.
Fees: Rs. 200/- 
Executant refuses to appear for admission of execution of document 
Enquiry will be conducted and if the executant admits the execution the registering officer will register the document otherwise, the registration will be refused 
Against this refusal order, an appeal may be preferred within 30days to the District Registrar, who will pass final orders 

Marriage Registration

Marriage Registration

i) Registration of Hindu Marriages Solemnized and granting of extract of marriages registered.

  • Marriages solemnized under Hindu customs/ non-customary
  • Bridegroom/Bride should have completed 21/18 years respectively
  • Both of them should be Hindus, Buddhist, Sikhs .
  • Proof of marriage
  • Anyone of the following place should fall within the jurisdiction of the Registering officer:
  • Residence of bride.
  • Residence of bridegroom.
  • Solemnization place.

Proof for all these shall be given

Wedding Invitation (or)
Temple Marriage Receipts(or)
Any proof of marriage solemnization .


Employee ID Card (or)
Ration Card (or)
Driving License (or)
Passport or Visa

3. AGE

Birth Certificate (or)
School/College Certificate (or)
Passport / Visa

In addition to the above memorandum in duplicate with 4 passport size photograph for bride and 4 passport size photograph for bridegroom should be submitted.

i ) For the registeration of a Marriage which will be exclusive of any other fees levied by devasthanam for marriages in temples Rs.100.00
ii) For a certified copy of an entry in Hindu Marriage Register : Rs.10.00
iii) For making a search
        a) if the entry is of the current Rs. 10.00
        b) if the entry relates to any previous year or years (for each such year) Rs. 10.00
iv) For Registering a marriage at any place outside the office of the Marriage Registrar to be appropriated by the Marriage Registrar in addition to the fee in entry (i) above Rs. 50.00
v) Application fees for registering a marriage at any place outside the office of the marriage Registrar Rs.200.00
Provided that no search fee shall be levied for grant of a certified copy of an entry in the Hindu Marriage Register on application at the time of registration of Marriage.
Provided further that an application fee of Rupees live in the shape of court fee labels affixed to the application shall be levied for each of application presented for grant of such certified copy.

ii) Registration of Marriage Under Tamilnadu Registration of Marriage Act .

  • Marriages solemnized under any personal law can be registered.
  • Bridegroom/Bride should have completed 21/18 rears respectively.
  • it can be registeted within in 90 days without fine and within 90-150 days with fine.After that it can not be registered.
  • Proof of marriage
  • The following place should fall within the jurisdiction of the Registering officer.
  • Solemnization place.

Proof for all these shall be given

Wedding Invitation (or)
Temple/Church Marriage Receipts(or)
Any proof of marriage solemnization .


Voter ID Card (or)
Ration Card (or)
Driving License (or)
Passport or Visa

3. AGE

Birth Certificate (or)
School/College Certificate (or)
Passport / Visa

4. Widnesses

Id card for minimum two witness to be produced

In addition to the above memorandum in duplicate with 4 passport size photograph for bride and 4 passport size photograph for bridegroom should be submitted.

iii) Registration of Special Marriages and granting of certificates.

  • Marriages solemnized before the Registering officer or in any other form . 
  • ¬†Bridegroom/Bride should have completed 21/18 years respectively .
  • ¬†Anyone of the following place should fall within the jurisdiction of the Registering officer.
    - Residence of bride.
    - Residence of bridegroom.
  • Proof for all these shall be given. 
  • Notice of intended Marriages. 
  • If no objection for the marriage is received within 30 days from the notice,marriage will be registered . 

iv) Granting of extracts of marriages registered under Indian Christian Marriages Act.

How to apply Indian Christian Marriage Extract(Certificate)?

Extracts (Certificates) of Indian Christian Marriages Registered under the Indian Christian Act 1872, by the licensee under the act or by Priests are received and the extracts are given in the following Address:    

            O/o the Inspector General of Registration,
            100,Santhome High Road,
            Chennai 28.    

Marriage Extracts should be applied by bride /bridegroom/ parents. In case, the mentioned persons are unable to come personally any one with authorized letter from either bride or bridegroom can apply.   

Please Click here to download the Application Form   

Model form for Marriage Extract from the Church/Solemnization office.   

Model form for Marriage Extract with Correction(s) from the Church/Solemnization office.   

            Search Fees Rs.10 per Year
            Copy Fees Rs.10 per copy
            (Preferable to apply 3 copies only)
            The fees should be paid by Cash in person to the above address


            M.O in the name of Accounts Officer    

General Instructions

    1. The Indian Christian Marriage Extract will be issued only after original Marriage Extract issued by Priest. It should be forwarded to this office through the respective District Registrar Office concerned.
    2. In case of Marriage extract (RC) received directly from "ARCHDIOCESE OF MADARAS(SANTHOME)", then Marriage Extract will be issued without the forwarding letter from District Registrar Office concerned.
    3. If the Self Addressed Stamped envelope is given by the applicant, Marriage Extract will be sent by Post in the case of extract applied with original along with forwarded letter from District Registrar Office concerned.
    4. The Extract will be issued after searching the Registers for the year mentioned in the application and if finds the same.
    5. If the marriage entry is not available in the year as mentioned in the application, then the Extract may be applied along with the original marriage extract (Schedule IV Sec.32 & 54) issued by Priest where the marriage was done and with the covering letter forwarded by the respective District Registrar Office".
    6. If any entries are not available in the Registers, report of “No Entries" can also be obtained.
    7. Applicant should ensure the correctness of the extract by getting a sample extract before pasting the Hologram stickers.
    8. The Indian Christian Marriage Registers for the year from 1872 to 1961 is kept in the O/o. Deputy Inspector General of Registration situated at Rajaji Salai, Chennai. For those period the Extract will be issued after searching the records from that office.
    9. Application Receiving time: 10 AM to 1 PM :: Extract Issuing time: 4 PM to 5.00PM on all working days.
    10. Contact Ph:044-24640160,24642932 Ext:234.


  • Under the Dowry Prohibition Act, demanding or accepting dowry, directly or indirectly is an ¬†punishable offence.
  • Fine of Rs.5000/- or imprisonment upto 6 months or both.
  • District Registrars are authorised to sanction prosecution.
  • Registrants may lodge complaints with the District Registrar.

Birth and Death Registration

  • Birth and Death registration is done by the Local Bodies concerned.
  • Births and Deaths registers in respect of Villages within the Panchayat area are preserved in the Sub-Registry Offices concerned.
  • Extracts of Birth or Death from these registers may be obtained on payment of fees.


  • Citizens are cautioned before enlisting themselves in a chit to ascertain whether the chit group is a registered one.
  • Conduct of unregistered chit is a criminal offence.
  • List of Chit Companies and Chits registered with the Registrars available with every SubRegistrar under whom the area of operation of chit come.
  • You have the right to demand the following from the Foreman.
  • Registrars‚Äô prior sanction for the conduct of chit.
  • Copy of bylaw registered.
  • Participation in the auction and bid the chit.
  • Receipt of prize amount within 7 days of bid after furnishing the surety required.
  • Receipt of dividend after payment of subscription periodically.
  • Payment of subscription in time.

Societies Registration

  • Registration of society is made compulsory where the total members is not less than 20 and the average Income or Expenditure is not less than Rs.10000/-.
  • The name of the Society shall not be objectionable.
  • Registered societies have certain legal requirements to be fulfilled within the time prescribed.
    • ¬†Filing of annual returns.
    • Filing of change of members/members of Committee.
    • Filing of change of place.
    • Filing of Special Resolutions.
    • Filing of Mortgage or charge created over the property of the society.
  • If the requirements are not fulfilled, the registration is liable to be cancelled or the name of the society liable to be removed from the Register of Societies.
  • The Funds of the Association/Society may be utilised only for the objects set forth in the Memorandum.¬†¬†Details of Societies registered in Tamilnadu and their status available in the reginet site.
  • The Funds of the Society cannot be shared between members.
  • If a registered society is not functioning properly, the Government have right to dissolve the committee and to appoint Special Officer to administer the societies.
  • Appeal against the orders of Registrar on the cancellation of Registration of a Society, refusal of registration or declaration of society as defunct may be made to the Inspector General of Registration.
  • For more details about society registration click here tamil version and english version


  • Registration of firms having partners not less than Two may be done with the District Registrars concerned.
  • In the application for registration, the signature of each partner shall be attested by an Advocate or Chartered Accountant.
  • The name of the firm shall not be objectionable.
  • Applications for Registration of firms may be effected through post also.
  • The registered firm shall file an annual declaration to the effect that the firm was in existence during the last year.


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